Pop-Culture Blues

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A Suite of Blues in 10 parts, composed and arranged by Michael Treni, and featuring Jerry Bergonzi.

Today, the embracing of tradition in popular music is rare, but when it comes to the blues, its practitioners understand the importance of preserving its legacy through their own work. The same is true in jazz where musicians strive to preserve the genre’s heritage even as they seek to innovate. This is particularly apparent when it comes to the use of the blues in jazz. There have been many modifications to the Blues form over the years contributed by jazz players and composers alike.

Pop-Culture Blues is a Suite in 10 parts that presents the development of the blues within the jazz idiom by utilizing the changing compositional styles prevalent from the late 1950s to today. The goal of the composer is to present the most important variations of the blues form in both technical and stylistic terms, progressing from traditional to contemporary, and written to reflect the compositional style of an influential jazz composer or band leader of that period.

Sal Spicola (alto sax, soprano sax, flute, piccolo, clarinet), Craig Yarmeko (alto sax, flute, alto flute, clarinet), Jerry Bergonzi (soprano sax, tenor sax), Frank Elmo (tenor sax, alto flute, clarinet), Ken Hitchcock (tenor sax, flute, alto flute, clarinet) Roy Nicolosi (baritone sax, bass clarinet, clarinet), Bill Ash, Vinnie Cutro, Nathan Ecklund, Fredidie Hendrix, Chris Persad,(trumpets), Bob Ferrel, Joe Petrizzo, Michael Treni (trombones), Philip Jones (bass trombone), Charles Blenzig, Jim Ridl (piano), Joe LaBelle (guitar),Takashi Otsuka (bass), Ron Vincent (Drums), Rick DeKovessey (percussion)

“all you need know is that the music presented here, whatever its origin or label, is sublime.”
Jack Bowers – All About Jazz

“A key player in the continued development of large ensemble improvisational music or big band… entertaining, inventive and wildly addictive”
Brent Black – @criticaljazz.com

“Big-band never died, and as long as artists like Michael are on the scene – it never will! You haven’t heard big band like this before!”
Dick Metcalf – Improvijazzation.com

“It’s hard enough to do a single quality work in tribute to the music of one of the greats. More than a half dozen is heady stuff. But don’t be put off by the album’s lofty ambition. The music is just delicious.”
Brian Arsenault – The International Review of Music

Copyright 2013 by Michael Treni

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