Dinos From Space Suite

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Symphonic Suite for Elementary / Intermediate Bands

Dinos From Space is a programmatic musical work in 3 movements based on the humorous children’s book of the same title. It is suitable for advanced elementary or first year middle school bands. The work can be performed with or without narration using the text of the book which accompanies the score and parts. (Grade 2 difficulty)

This is a fun-packed feature for any concert and provides a great connection for elementary level projects and lessons across the school’s curriculum.

Your Dino’s From Space Package Includes:
• Score and Parts for full band on CD-Rom
• PDF Graphics for LCD Projection
• “Dinos from Space” hardcover book for narration
• Ideas for Cross-Curricular Activities (Grades 2 – 5) in Theatre Arts, Visual Arts and Language Arts

Can be performed with or without narration

Dinos From Space

Copyright 2010 by Michael Treni
Performed by The Ridgewood Concert Band under the direction of Chris Wilhjelm


Parts and score on CD-ROM: $99.00

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