Volume 5: Jazz Primer for Band

July 15, 2014 | Comments Off on Volume 5: Jazz Primer for Band

5 Jazz-Style Arrangements for Elementary and Intermediate Concert Bands (Grade 2) on CD-ROM. It can also be played by jazz ensemble and includes parts for bass and piano. Each arrangement concentrates on a different aspect of jazz performance, promoting comprehension and mastery through repetition. Includes a 20 page syllabus that covers topics such as teaching swinging eighth notes, counting common figures, jazz articulations, improvisation for beginners, the Blues form, and developing your school band’s rhythm section. Also includes suggested cross-curricular activities in Language Arts and a script for performance.

Concepts Introduced
• Triplets
• Shuffle Time
• How to Play Swinging Eighth Notes
• Syncopation
• Counting and Playing Common Figures
• Articulations
• Improvisation for Beginners
• The Blues Form

Triplet Time

Shuffle Time

Swing Time (no recording available)

Syncopation! (no recording available)

Doo Dot Blues (no recording available)

All arrangements copyright 2013 by Michael Treni
Performed by The Montclair State University Symphonic Band under the direction of Thomas McCauley

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