Complete Year of Band

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Fast and Easy Instrumental Music Curriculum Design !

Complete Year of Band is a curriculum-based performance repertoire that supports individual student growth while simultaneously providing teachers with great sounding arrangements and quality concert programming. It also greatly facilitates lesson planning as well as simplifying the annual assessment and documentation of the progress of instrumental music students.

The arrangements found in Complete Year of Band (volume 1), Complete Year of Strings (volume 2), Holiday Favorites (volume 3), Patriotic Favorites (volume 4), and Elementary Jazz Primer (volume 5), are sequentially arranged in order of difficulty. Each arrangement introduces specific musical concepts used throughout  in order to reinforce comprehension and mastery.

The Complete Year of Band online curriculum designer provides band teachers with a simple way create their own customized curriculum from the arrangements found in Complete Year of Band, Volumes 1 through 5; a curriculum-based performance repertoire for beginning through intermediate band. The series introduces important musical concepts sequentially in order of difficulty, using them throughout an arrangement to reinforce student comprehension and mastery.

Teachers can choose either the series’ prearranged three year curriculum map or create their own customized curriculum from 23 musical concepts in 4 categories that are introduced and utilized throughout the arrangements. Each concept lists those arrangements that employ that concept and the location by measure number where it can be found. By clicking on the listed titles, teachers can view the scores and listen to recordings found at the J.W. web site. Selections can be purchased directly from J.W. Pepper as either as an individual print on demand title (POD), or as a collection of arrangements on CD-ROM.

To view the Complete Year of Band Online Curriculum Designer click here.

For details about Volumes 1-5 of Complete Year of Band, click below.

Volume 1: Complete Year of Band

Volume 2: Complete Year of Strings

Volume 3: Holiday Favorites for Band

Volume 4: Patriotic Favorites for Band

Volume 5: Jazz Primer for Band